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Haven Simulated Model, ver. 1.2 (10.02.2010)
[ Download file (4.87Mb) ] 07.03.2012, 13:29:29
You can control the game options in Haven Options section in the WoG Options page. All tester instructions and another hints, which may cause a discomfort to you on the screen, you can disable there through the Interactive Hint System sub-section buttons.
Note, that this archive is not a release and posted here AS IS. Some bugs and things need any corrections are "indispensable property" of this archive. All special town graphics are for the test. However, you can have some fan and quite a sizeable representation of Haven as a gameplay and conceptional unit.

How to use archive.

1. First of all you need to download This TE version (235 Mb!), otherwise you can't use it at all. (archive password: Stinger).
2. Setup this TE-version. This version doesn't have any MP3 files. Remember, that you will use this version only for testing Haven Simulated Model.
3. Put the HavenPack_v1_2.wog into the root/update directory and run H3wUpd.exe.
4. For gaming run h3te.exe.
5. After you entered the game for the first time, in the WoG-options page download and save settings file HavenSiMod.dat (which you will find in the root/data directory).

I hope you will discover many new and interesting moments while playing in Haven.
Good luck!

Developer of Haven, Ganymed (Konstantin Totcheny)
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